What Makes Us Different?

At Recovery Fusion we are dedicated to providing unbiased addiction treatment placement.  What does unbiased addiction treatment placement mean, and why is it so important?  It means Recovery Fusion is not affiliated with any behavioral health networks or institutions. We do not own residential treatment centers, sober livings, or intensive outpatient programs.  We work one-to- one with each client and create a step through plan from beginning  to end. Recovery Fusion's treatment placement services are 100% unbiased ensuring you will receive the best and appropriate care from start to finish.  For the last several years, Recovery Fusion has been vetting treatment centers in North America, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The UK and South America will be visited in 2018-2019. Recovery Fusion is committed to staying current with the standards and practices of all treatment facilities we refer. 

Recovery Fusion looks for particular criteria and principles with each establishment. We follow these standards any time we make a resource suggestion to you. Whether it be sober living, a therapist, or a new road to mutual aid support groups.  We are with you from the first call to returning  back into your community.  This prevents disruption of care and  creates easier transitions as your growth levels of treatment change from one to provider to the next.  We offer a continuity of care which includes confidential assessments, unbiased referrals, treatment placement and coordination. We also provide interventions, Recovery Support Specialist, assisted drug testing,  support for your legal team, and recovery integration. We will develop an effective, affordable and unbiased  treatment plan for you.

Customized Recovery

Recovery Fusion is considered a free agent within the recovery industry world because 99.% of all online referrals,  and call centers hire their own marketers to refer their own conglomerate of businesses.  Most any treatment provider you call will tell you they can help you or your loved one regardless, and without proper assessment. We approach addiction treatment and recovery from an unbiased standpoint. Recovery Fusion will refer you to  the best source of outside help based on a detailed assessment from a licensed professional. This is not the norm in the industry of addiction treatment. The usual referral process is a cookie cutter procedure with minimal questions asked.  The patient is then handed off (sometimes brokered) to other marketers depending on the the client's insurance benefits or lack thereof.  Unfortunately, addiction treatment is BIG BUSINESS and the client is incredibly vulnerable to the entire process due to the facts that addiction treatment is largely an unregulated treatment field and the client is overwhelmed and at the mercy of finding ethical care.  Recovery Fusion has a dedicated approach seeking  out the very best in ethical care. We create an unbiased customized treatment plan that accommodates your strengths and needs. We help each individual navigate the best path that works for each client. We recognize that many paths can lead to the same destination; thus, recovery is not a one-size-fits-all process. In this regard, our focus is the goal, not the method. Furthermore, we are not affiliated with any other addiction treatment organizations, therapeutic modalities, or mutual aid groups; which means our referrals are completely unbiased and uninfluenced by financial benefits.

Comprehensive Recovery

We recognize that the factors necessary for recovery initiation differ from that of the factors necessary for recovery maintenance. Each individual has a different past, as well as a different speed of growth, which must be taken into consideration. We work with clients during all stages and transitions of recovery, initiation through maintenance, to bridge the gap between short-term and lifelong recovery. Our end-to-end services expand beyond the acute addiction treatment process provided by most rehabs and addiction treatment services.

Recovery Fusion meets the client where they are and helps educate them with a multitude of options to find ways to help  the client choose their own discovery to recovery.  We embrace all pathways to after-care recovery wellness such as Refuge Recovery, Life Ring Secular Recovery, SMART recovery,  12-step, Women Within, Secular Organization for Sobriety (SOS),  7-challenges, Wake-Up Recovery, AA Agnostica,  Craft, Mindfullness, Life Empowerment, Recovery Support Specialists, Holistic Healing, 16 Steps for Discovery & Empowerment, Women for Sobriety, Harm Reduction and more.

Collaborative Recovery

OurRecovery Support Specialist work in tandem with licensed medical professionals to provide each client with a collaborative support network. This promotes optimal growth while ensuring the integration of therapeutic progress to the individual’s daily life and addiction  treatment plan.  We help clients navigate appropriate and effective psychiatric and medical providers so that they can address co-occurring issues that may otherwise hinder their recovery. For example, if you struggle with PTSD, we will partner you with a local health professional who has had specific training in EMDR, Hypnosis, or PTSD management.  We are a connector of ethical resources.  Moreover, we will work directly with you and that professional to maximize your progress and growth.

Our Recovery Support Specialistare both experienced and knowledgeable in the drug and alcohol recovery field. By having RF at your side in the early stages or after relapse the client is able to achieve a higher success rate of reaching long-lasting recovery. RF encourages clients to engage fully with any and all sources to find their best possible avenue to create and sustain recovery. We provide essential areas for recovery, including sobriety management, goal setting, coaching and recovery companionship. It is our responsibility to monitor, identify, motivate, encourage, support, organize, transport and most of all... advocate for your success.

You Are Not Alone



Our Commitment

We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have friendly, knowledgeable representatives available to assist you. Exceptional references from past alumni available upon request.



Privacy & Confidentiality

We are acutely aware of your need for anonymity and personal privacy. From the time you begin with Recovery Fusion you will appreciate the discretion and sensitivity of our staff. We cater to your privacy needs in order for you to trust and build a safe and solid recovery program.