Our Services

With 14,000+ treatment centers and 60,000+ sober livings located throughout the U.S, as well as a multitude of therapeutic approaches and peer-based services, it is overwhelming for a family in crisis to determine which program is best for their loved one, especially since most facilities claim that the individual is a “perfect fit” for their program. Moreover, while acute medical treatment is often the first step to helping an individual solve his/her addiction, the after-care and continuation plan is equally as important and often more stressful.

That’s where Recovery Fusion steps in. We work in collaboration with the client, family, community, and treatment providers to establish an effective, affordable treatment plan with safe, organized transitions. We recognize that the factors necessary to initiate recovery differ from that of the factors necessary to maintain recovery; thus, our services are separated into three categories:


1. Recovery Initiation (Assessment)

People enter recovery from different places, and continue to grow at different paces. One individual may need detox and a 90 day treatment facility, while another individual may not need acute medical treatment at all. At Recovery Fusion, we meet you where you are in order to get you to where you want to be. We are dedicated to providing premier recovery initiation services, including confidential assessments (by a licensed psychologist), unbiased treatment placement, and interventions. Our treatment placement services remain unbiased and unaffected by clandestine financial benefits, as we are not affiliated with any other recovery support resource or institution. Furthermore, we only place clients at facilities that we have deemed ethical based on extensive research and visitations.

2. Recovery Coordination (Placement & Transitions)

The transition out of treatment is often much more difficult and much less acknowledged than that of the transition into treatment. More than 50% of individuals discharged from addiction treatment resume alcohol and/or drug use within the following twelve months. In fact, the majority relapse within 30-90 days of discharge. Thus, successful addiction treatment and lower readmission rates require continuous support, as well as treatment of co-occurring problems within the individual, family, and community. Additionally, coordinating and maximizing insurance coverage for addiction treatment can be complicated because state laws vary as to what insurance companies are required to cover, and insurance policies are often not specific as to what is included or excluded. Clients are often prematurely discharged from treatment centers due to an unexpected halt in their insurance coverage. At Recovery Fusion, we coordinate the communication between various levels of care, treatment providers, medical professionals, and insurance companies, to advocate for the client’s best interest and ensure organized, undisrupted transitions. This collaboration also provides the client with a pre-established recovery support network when they return home to their community.

3. Recovery Maintenance (Aftercare)

Our Recovery Support Specialists work with clients, both part-time and full-time, to create a customized program tailored to fit the needs, strengths, and goals of each individual. The goal of the client determines the role of the Recovery Support Specialist. In other words, the frequency of meetings between the client and Recovery Support Specialist, as well as the and total length of the relationship, could range from a phone call every few weeks to 24/7 assistance, depending on what the client wants to accomplish and at what pace they are comfortable moving forward. Our Recovery Support Specialists work directly with psychiatrists and psychologists to help clients implement what they learn in therapy to their daily routine. We recognize that recovery is not a one-size-fits-all process, so our Recovery Support Specialists embrace ALL pathways to recovery, including (but not limited to): Life-Ring, 7-Challenges, Harm Reduction, Faith-Based, Wake-Up Recovery, Craft, 12-Step programs, SMART Recovery,  Refuge Recovery, Women for Sobriety, and Holistic Healing.  Our Recovery Support Specialists also provide the following services:

  • Drug Testing For Employment and/or Legal Issues
  • Relapse Prevention & Immediate Relapse Rebound Care
  • Social Recovery & Lifestyle Integration
  • Resume Building & Career Searching
  • Life Planning, Organizing, & Vision Building