Rehab: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Check out John Oliver's humorous and informative discussion of America's $35 billion addiction treatment industry in the below video, taken from HBO's Last Week Tonight. Oliver addresses a number of controversial topics, such as unethical urine testing, false success rates, and patient brokering, all of which are also discussed in Recovery Fusion Santa Barbara Addiction Treatment's previous article, Heads in Beds.

"The vast majority of people in need of addiction treatment do not receive anything that approximates evidence-based care," Oliver states, going on to talk about the lack of regulation in the industry. "In Idaho, as long as you are not operating a residential program for adolescents, you don't need a license at all. In California, as long as you take private pay clients, anyone can start an outpatient rehab center. In Florida, if you want to open a sober home, there is nothing in state law to stop you...The addiction network is not a rehab; it is a referral businessmeaning they make money by routing your calls to centers all across the country, which reportedly pay them $40-50 for your call. So in a moment of criss, your individual circumstance are not taken into account. They’re simply placing your fate in the hands of whoever has $50...It can be nearly impossible to find unbiased information."

Unfortunately, Oliver is right. With over 14,000 rehabs in an unregulated industry, it is often difficult for individuals to find trustworthy, reliable referrals. That is why Recovery Fusion Santa Barbara Addiction Treatment prides itself on being one of the only completely unbiased worldwide referral sources. What do we mean by unbiased?

Oliver has brought to light just a few of the unethical practices that we have dealt with first-hand in the addiction treatment industry. We are encouraged by the growing awareness toward these issues. The future of recovery is independent, unbiased addiction treatment.