The Importance of Remaining Unbiased

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There are over fourteen thousand treatment centers and sixty thousand sober livings in the United States alone. Partnerships among these institutions, and among various levels of care, can potentially caste influence on the places to which they refer clients. Needles to say, when hidden incentive affects an individual’s treatment placement, their long-term recovery is put at jeopardy for the sake of profit.

At Recovery Fusion, we recognize and value the importance of unbiased addiction treatment placement. We are not affiliated with any other recovery support resource or institution, nor do we own any residential treatment centers, sober livings, or intensive outpatient programs; thus, our services remain unaffected by covert financial benefits. Moreover, we maintain an unbiased attitude toward all pathways, modalities, and approaches to addiction treatment, without promoting one over another, as we recognize that there is no “cookie cutter” solution to addiction. Our Recovery Support Specialists echo this methodology when helping clients navigate their pathway to recovery, embracing ALL pathways, from the traditional 12 Step Model to progressive hard reduction methods. In this sense, our Recovery Support Specialists take into consideration the needs and strengths of each individual in order to establish customized treatment plans. Furthermore, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, 10% of individuals who join a 12 Step program achieve long-term recovery, yet 90% of addiction treatment centers are 12 Step based. In other words, we recognize that, while the 12 Steps is one path that works for a lot of people, it does not work for everyone. There are many paths to recovery; the only "right path" is the one that works for YOU. 

Recovery Fusion's treatment placement services are 100% unbiased ensuring you will receive the best and appropriate care from start to finish.